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  DXATLAS 2.25
Electronic World Atlas for radio amateurs
Created by VE3NEA , files modified by 14FR330 Gérard
DX Atlas integrates with IonoProbe to produce near-real time ionospheric maps

 Province prefixes are shown on the World map in addition to the DXCC boundaries and prefixes. Each prefix has a hint with a country and province name. Click on a prefix to find it in the Prefix Database.
 CQ Zone and ITU Zone boundaries can be switched on and off. Move your mouse over the zone label to see the official description of the zone.
   Grid Squares
 The Maidenhead Locator map displays 2-character and 4-character grid squares. You can mark worked and confirmed squares and add comments to each square. The Grid Square calculator converts between the latitude/longitude and the grid square locator.
   Azimuthal Map
 Rectangular, Azimuthal and Globe projections are available. The Azimuthal map center can be changed with a single mouse click to see how the World looks from a DX location.

 Zoom in and out, scroll or re-center the map, switch between projections and turn individual layers on and off with your mouse. Antenna bearing and distance for the point under the mouse cursor are shown on the status bar.
   Gray Line
 Can be turned on and off, or shown for any specific date and time. Sunrise and sunset time is calculated automatically for the current point and for all gazetteer entries.

   Prefix Database
 Browse the visual, hierarchical prefix database that comes with DX Atlas. This database includes current and old prefixes of countries and provinces, prefix blocks allocated to club stations and reserved for special events, and much more. Each entry has a lot of associated data, including CQ/ITU Zone, Time Zone, and DXCC territory and ADIF number. We released our Prefix Database as a public domain dataset.
 DX Atlas includes a detailed City and Island index. Double-click on any island or city to find its location on the map, or right-click to see the details such as latitude and longitude, country, province and city population.
   Local Times
 Is displayed for all territories, provinces and cities, for the current date/time and for the dates in the past and future. This function uses a database of Time Zone and DST changes since 1945.
 3-rd party programs can control DX Atlas and even plot their own data on the map via COM or OLE Automation.

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